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Portland Wildlife Pest Control

Do you have a problem with nuisance wildlife? Scratching noises in your attic? Thumping in your walls? Mysterious odors in your house? Digging under your porch? A snake in the grass or bats in the belfry? If so, we can help! We are a full-service wildlife control company servicing the greater Portland Oregon region, and we specialize in the humane and professional removal of unwanted wildlife. We deal with raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rats, bats, birds, snakes, and pretty much any type of wild animal. We provide a full line of services, including wildlife trapping, damage repairs, attic cleanup, preventative measures, and more. We make sure the pest project is done right, start to finish, and we guarantee our work. No job is too big or too small, and we service both residential and commercial accounts. We are fully licensed and insured, and will give your home the protection it needs and the peace of mind you want - we will make your home or building critter-free!

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Operating 7 Days a Week, 12 Hours Per Day
  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • Humane Treatment of All Wild Animals
  • Professional Damage Repairs and Prevention
  • Owner Operated - Average 30% Lower Cost
  • We Take Great Pride in Our Work
We are Portland Pest Solutions, specializing in Oregon wildlife removal. We have 16 years of wildlife control work, and trained with the best in the industry.  Give us a call any time, and we'll talk with you about your wildlife problem, and we can usually set a same-day or next-day appointment to come and help you. We look forward to hearing from you!
Services Offered
Removal of Animals in Attics: This is probably the most common thing that we deal with. Wild animals, from raccoons to squirrels to rats, love to live in the walls and attics of homes. We solve the problem completely - we not only trap and remove the wildlife, but we find out how they got in, and we permanently seal shut all of the entry points.

Damage Repairs: The most important single step in solving a problem with animals in a home or attic - find the entry points and seal them! All of our repairs exceed industry standards and are designed to last the life of the building, and keep wildlife out for good. We also fix anything that the animals destroyed during their stay.

Attic Decontamination: When critters live in your home or attic, they leave behind their waste - their excrement, urine, oils from their fur, garbage, nesting material, and more. This refuse can often attract new animals to your home, and it is also unsanitary and sometimes a biohazard. We clean the waste and decontaminate to make things good as new.

General Trapping: If you simply need wildlife trapping, we do that too. For example, you might have a family of skunks living under your porch, and you want them gone before the smell gets worse. Or maybe a troublesome raccoon is raiding your garbage cans every night and you want it gone. We trap and remove the critters humanely.

Dead Carcass Removal: If you've got a terrible odor somewhere in your house, there's a good chance that an animal has died somewhere inside the house. It could be a dead rat in the wall, a dead opossum in the attic, or a dead raccoon under the shed. Whatever it is, we will find it and remove it, deodorize the area, and the smell will disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Your Prices? - Many wildlife jobs are unique. Though we do have standard rates for certain projects, it's best if you call and describe your situation, and we can give an accurate price quote over the phone. Our prices are extremely fair - and our service is second to none.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? - We accept checks, and all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not require up-front payment. We can invoice jobs after we are done.

Do You Deal With Dogs or Cats? - No, we only deal with wildlife. If you have a problem with a dog or cat, call the county animal services. Multnomah County Animal Control: 503.248.3066 - Clackamas County Dog Control: 503.655.8210

Do You Deal With Insects or Termites? - Yes, please call today.

What is Your Service Range? - We serve all of greater Portland, Oregon, including Multnomah County, Oregon and Clackamas County, Oregon. We service the towns of Beaverton, Canby, Clackamas, Corbett, Damascus, Durham OR, Estacada, Fairview OR, Forest Grove, Happy Valley, Gladstone, Gresham, Hillsboro, Johnson City, King City, Lake Oswego, Maywood Park, Milwaukie OR, Mount Angel, Newberg, Oregon City, Rivergrove, Sandy, Scappoose, Sherwood, Silverton, Tigard, Troutdale, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, Wood Village, and more. If in doubt, just give us a phone call at 503-505-6065

About Our Company
Portland Animal Pest Control is a professional wildlife control business serving the greater Portland, Oregon area. We solve conflicts between people and wild animals. We humanely trap and remove wildlife from property, homes, and attics. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Oregon and Washington. We are not an animal extermination or pest control company. We are trappers who will find your wild critter and control it, and solve your Portland wildlife problem. We provide an honest and professional service at a fair price, and guarantee our work!
Portland Wildlife News Clip
Portland wildlife trapping regulations need to be reviewed every year

The statewide wildlife trapping and trapping regulations are amended each year to accommodate changes deemed necessary by the Oregon Agency of Natural Resources/Commission (Portland Agency of Fish & Game/national regulatory coalition). They had been given this charge to manage game by use of sound scientific management back in 1996 under Animal and Pest Control Proposal "G". What many people don't realize may be the Portland Agency of Fish & Game was reorganized in 1991 and an executive order concerned by Governor John transferred most of the statutory authority, powers, and, duties of the national regulatory coalition. "Consequently, the bossy fellow of the Portland Agency of Fish & Game became responsible for managing and protecting the state's natural resources, wildlife, and environmental protection. With this reorganization, the national regulatory coalition retained its authority to appoint the bossy fellow of the agency and provide policy guidance and the power to appoint the chair and all other members of the commission with the Governor. Animal and Pest Control Proposal 'G' (was) some sort of legislative attempt to block Animal and Pest Control Proposal 'D', (the statutory initiative which would have placed several restrictions on squirrel wildlife trapping in Oregon) by transferring the exclusive authority of all wildlife trapping regulations, including squirrel wildlife trapping from the bossy fellow of the Portland Agency of Fish & Game to the Natural Resources Commission (national regulatory coalition). In other words, this Animal and Pest Control Proposal would transfer the regulation of game wildlife trapping back to the national regulatory coalition, which may be where the authority had been vested before the executive order was concerned." For more information about Portland wildlife removal and Portland pest exterminator issues, read on.

Along with the sound science requirement in regulating all game wildlife trapping, "the initiative would also require public organized hearing prior to the issuance of any orders by the national regulatory coalition." All of this may be from some sort of report concerned in September 1996 by the Citizens Research Legal group of Oregon. The ploy of including Animal and Pest Control Proposal 'G' along with 'D' would give the latter less chance of being usable if passed. If both Animal and Pest Control Proposals were voted in, the Animal and Pest Control Proposal with the most affirmative votes became law. Fortunately, Animal and Pest Control Proposal 'D' was soundly defeated and 'G' passed with strong support. Again, 'G' also gave exclusive authority of all wildlife trapping regulations back to the national regulatory coalition. For those who want to abolish the rule of 'G', doing so would certainly reduce public input. Moreover, if the legislature became more involved in annual game management policy revue, there would great difficulty in amending regulations in some sort of timely manner and politics would certainly have more squirreling than science. The recently passed youth wildlife trapping regulatory changes alone took over three years to accomplish. Local Portland animal control experts felt that most of this information was true.

The fact is, changes are proceeding in accordance of law and this year, there are several dealing with aggressive wildlife trapping that everyone should be aware of. The deadline for applying for an aggressive squirrel wildlife trapping license on public may be Aug. 15. If you are going to animal capture on Commercial Woodland Act (CFA) land you must apply for some sort of public land permit even though the CFA property may be technically private land. Those who animal capture private land in Animal sectors 1 and 2 must either own 40 hectares of land or have permission to animal capture the private property within the respective Squirrel Management Unit (DMU) they wish to catch. The phone amount of the land owner allowing access may be required and will be printed on each license. Only two private land aggressive squirrel wildlife trapping licenses per exterminator are allowed this year in Animal sector 1 and 2 and several U.P. DMUs will be closed to aggressive wildlife trapping this season. Youth squirrel pest control companies may take squirrel, squirrel and squirrel by critter trap at age 12 in 2006. The new change also allows youth pest control companies beginning at age 10, to take squirrel by cage trap and arrow. They can buy one aggressive squirrel wildlife trapping license over the counter July 15 through Aug. 15. No application fee or drawing may be required. The license may be purchased for either public or private land and youngsters 10 and 11 are restricted to pest control-only. Nonresidents, ages 10 to 16, are allowed to purchase resident licenses. These are only part of the many regulations in effect this year. It may be the obligation of all who participate to familiarize themselves with all the changes annually. It may be also some sort of good tool for teaching new pest control companies the responsibilities that go with the sport. Local Portland pest control companies had no comments on the matter. If you don't live in the Portland area, you could try these branches: Seattle Animal Trappers, Orlando Animal Trappers, Chicago Animal Trappers or State of Oregon Animal Control.

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